About Us


Changing the world, one curl at a time! Finding a natural hair or beauty product that you love while shopping small black-owned brands can be an incredibly difficult task, but that’s where we come in. Creams for Curls was founded especially with the mission of empowering women of color- not just the black women who make up the largest demographic of new business owners, but to consumers with textured hair that harness their buying power and choose which companies they’d like to support. Every time you choose to shop small, you help an entrepreneur grow their business and eventually, their dreams.

 My name is Kristina Spalding, and I founded Creams for Curls in 2016 due to my own struggle to find products that I loved after being natural for 8 years. I found myself being faced with the dilemma patronizing multimillion dollar companies that weren’t black-owned or having to hunt for a black-owned business to support. Creams for Curls was conceptualized to connect people shopping for textured hair products with businesses that understand their particular hair needs.

I hope that together, we can create growth through this community-based boutique.