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The Best Detanglers for Curly Hair

Whether you're at the beginning of your natual hair journey or smack-dab in the middle, Kazmaleje has got the perfect wash day companions for you!  They absolutely get it. They've been where you are...tired of hair tools and accessories that don't work! You've bought this comb, that brush and you've watched a ton of videos looking for the right solution for your hair. Well, look no further because we have created hair tools that are made specifically to address the styling and detangling needs for those of us with curly, coily, kinky hair! The Kazmaleje Kurls+ Detanglers are multi-functional hair tools that will not only ease your detangling process, but will: Reduce the amount of hair breakage Allow you to detangle...

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What's My Hair Type?

What's My Hair Type? Finding your hair type is the first step to finding products, styles, and tools that work best for your particular hair. The Creams for Curls curl type guide focuses on black and afro textured hair types from type 3 (curly) to types 4 (coily). The letter sub classifications from A to C are determined by the size and thickness of your curls, kinks, and coils. Modeled after celebrity stylist Andre Walker’s definitions of curl patterns and hair types, this guide goes into the details on the different hair types found within the curly, kinky, coily hair family.  hair description. Our goal here is to help clear up any confusion so you can not only understand your hair type, but find...

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